Global Growth Marketing Coordinator (Apply Now)

Global Growth Marketing Coordinator
Global Growth Marketing Coordinator

Spotify wants to employ a Global Growth Marketing Coordinator to join their organization.

To know more about this job opportunity, ensure you read this article till the end.

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Job Description

At Spotify, we’re committed to offering the perfect song at the perfect time.

We’ve introduced countless individuals to their favorite songs and created a platform for them to share and find music they enjoy.

The quick-thinking, high-impact Global Growth team at Spotify is in charge of teaching and enticing our users to upgrade from our free to paid levels.





Job type:



The Global Growth team needs a coordinator based in the London office.

The position will facilitate and carry out global always-on communication and quick campaign implementation across owned channels (e.g. email, push, in-app notification, House Ads).

They will assist international campaigns, conversion initiatives, and evergreen projects that direct our users to fresh and interesting content that entices them to return.

This is a fascinating and demanding job in an interesting and fast-paced global organization with excellent development chances.


Above all, your effort will influence how people around the world perceive music.

What are Your Duties?

  • Create, QA, test, and put into action communications using our platforms in more than 170 markets
  • Respond to inquiries from global marketing teams on owned-channel operations and tooling and collaborate with them to carry out effective projects
  • Help with project management, work with the design, text, translations, and analytics teams to create effective marketing materials for our owned platforms, and make sure campaigns run on schedule and successfully
  • Gather and examine daily owned-channel data to track performance and produce learnings
  • Arrange training resources, industry standards, and documentation for the team

Job Requirements

  • Two or more years of relevant experience in the field of digital marketing
  • You must possess good project management and administrative skills, and be detail-oriented
  • Ability to properly organize and handle several projects
  • A self-starter who is creative and at ease handling problems as they arise
  • Great project management and writing skills
  • Ability to collaborate across departments and with a variety of stakeholders, including global teams
  • It would be ideal if you have prior email marketing experience
  • Basic competency in SQL is required
  • You should have a bachelor’s or equivalent degree
  • Your home base will be the London Office

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Several learning opportunities, via our hard-working team at GreenHouse
  • Flexible share rewards allow you to select how to take part in our success
  • All new parents are eligible for a six-month, fully funded international parental leave
  • All The Feels, our center for self-care and staff support
  • Flexible public holidays, swap days off based on your principles and beliefs

Discover life at Spotify

Spotify is an equal-opportunity employer.

Regardless of where you’re from, how you look, or what song is currently playing in your headphones, you’re welcome at Spotify just as you are.

Everyone is welcome on our platform, and the same applies to our workplace.


We will all prosper, develop, and think creatively more if we have more perspectives that are amplified and represented in our company.

Therefore share with us your history, ideas, and personal experiences.

We will have the strength to continue reinventing the way the world listens in part because of our diversity.

When Spotify debuted in 2008, it permanently changed how people listen to music.


Our goal is to unleash the unique potential of people by offering a million artists the chance to support themselves through their work and a billion followers the opportunity to fall in love and be enthusiastic about these creators.

We are motivated in everything we do by our passion for podcasting and music.

Right now, we are the most widely used audio streaming subscription platform on the planet.

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Would you like to work as a Global Growth Marketing Coordinator at Spotify?

If yes, we have some good news for you.


This giant music streaming platform is currently employing people for this role.

If you are interested, Click Here to Apply Now















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