Health Advisor (Instant Employment Guaranteed)

Health Advisor
Health Advisor

Bupa wants to employ a Health Advisor to join their organization.

To find out more about this job opportunity, ensure you read this article till the end.

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Job Description

Health Advisor


Bristol BS1 3LG



Salary – Flexible

Fantastic benefits

Full time – 40 hrs x 1


Fixed term (12 months) x 1

Bank (flexible hours x 1

You are welcome here. We support diversity and recognize the value of having employees who reflect the areas and clients we serve.

You’ll discover a welcoming workplace where you can be who you are and where everyone is motivated by the same goals, which are to help people live longer, better lives and improve the world.


About the Job

As a Health Advisor with Bupa Clinics, you will be able to serve our clients by teaching our clients on how to Enjoy Longer, Better, Happier Lives.

Your top priority is our clients, and you’ll spend the bulk of your time working with them on the tasks you were trained for and do best.

What are Your Duties?

  • Helping clients receive health check-ups  service
  • Keep up-to-date customer information and participate in the entire process
  • Support and foster improved health in line with Bupa’s current medical guidelines
  • Do clinical tests such as body composition analysis, spirometry, heart rate monitoring, gas analysis, cholesterol profiling, anemia blood test markers, blood pressure measurement, electrocardiograms, audiometry, and functional mobility assessment
  • Use inspirational interviewing methods to develop personalized lifestyle action plans to encourage behavior change
  • Post-call assessments to promote strategies for action and positive change

Job Requirements

  • Education in exercise physiology, sports science, and nutrition at the graduate level or equivalent is required
  • Experience working with customers is crucial
  • It would be ideal if you had prior measurement or evaluation experience in a medical or health and fitness setting
  • Accuracy in data recording and adherence to healthcare recommendations
  • Ability to establish relationships with clients while individually personalizing your strategy
  • Compassion and the ability to encourage clients to make healthy lifestyle changes

What matters to our employees determines what benefits we provide.

We believe that all of our employees deserve to be recognized for their contributions.


We provide a number of perks to promote your physical and emotional welfare, including:

  • 25 days of vacation that rise with service term, with the option to purchase or sell
  • Bupa medical insurance
  • An improved pension program and life insurance
  • Yearly incentive for performance as part of the employee support program
  • Onsite gyms or local discounts where no onsite gym are provided
  • Several other perks and online discounts

At Bupa, we follow a standardized approach when making any pay changes.

This, in our opinion, establishes a balanced and uniform method for all employees wishing to advance or switch positions.

Before applying for a position, please make sure the employment history of your workday profile is current with your entire professional experience and successes.


This will imply that the hiring team has all the pertinent data required to evaluate your application.

Please take note that if you are hired for the position, your notice period and other terms and conditions can vary.

Your employer should be able to explain what this implies to you during the application process.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Company pension
  • Employee discount
  • Gym membership
  • Life insurance
  • On-site gym
  • Private health insurance

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Bupa is devoted to ensuring that each candidate is evaluated according to their own skills and credentials.


At Bupa, we intentionally promote the diversity of our employees and foster an inclusive culture that enables you to be who you really are.

We would like to make sure you receive fair treatment irrespective of your situation or disability.

For this reason, we are delighted to provide fair modifications as part of our hiring procedure to any person who requires them.

Whether you are seeking your footing or a fresh path.


Welcome to a place where you are valued.

You haven’t been here before.

This is where you are headed to.

Our belief is based on this.


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Job Category

  • Full time


Would you like to work as a Health Advisor at Bupa?


If yes, we have a good news for you.

You can now apply for a Health Advisor role at Bupa.

If you are interested in this job, Click Here to Apply Now










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