International Label and Artist Marketing Intern (Apply Now)

International Label and Artist Marketing Intern
International Label and Artist Marketing Intern

Universal Music Group wants to employ an International Label and Artist Marketing Intern to join their organization.

To know more about this job opportunity, ensure you read this article till the end.

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Job Description

The enthusiastic and committed workers at Universal Music contribute to our position as the top music brand in the world.

Universal Music is the place to advance your career within a genuinely commercial and creative company that wins in everything it does, from A&R to finance, legal to digital, and sales to marketing.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for our positions, and we are committed to making sure that no candidate or worker is treated less favorably due to their gender, race, disability, sexual preference, religion, or belief, age, marital status, background, pregnancy, or caregiving obligations.


We are entirely devoted to welcoming the skills of persons with autism, dyslexia, ADHD, and other types of neurocognitive variation because we understand the value of diversity of opinion within our teams.

We will constantly strive to make the necessary modifications to hiring procedures, working environments, and work procedures to properly accommodate individuals with various needs and working preferences.

Please send an email to if you require any appropriate accommodations for you starting with the application process, such as different types of online forms or the disclosure of neurological disease.

The A-Side: A Day in the Life

Virgin Music Label and Artist Services – International is a center for label services that offers teams for campaign management, marketing, and promotion that include label management, distribution, marketing, and commercial services.


Our headquarters are in London, however, we have teams in all the key areas.

We take pride in offering independent labels with UMG contracts and market-benchmarked services.

We are seeking an intern to join our team who will gain from being a part of our small but mighty label services team.

This position offers a wonderful chance to gain knowledge of the various duties performed by labels.


It will ensure communication with all departments, like A&R, marketing, advertising, supply chain, and manufacturing.

We collaborate with a variety of record labels, such as Mixtape Madness, EGA, 10k Projects, Mushroom, Because, One Little Independent, Concord Loma Vista, Tomorrowland, LG105, Fiction, and artists like D-Block Europe, LAUV, Digga D, Acraze, Internet Money, Kurt Vile, Palaye Royale, Nick Mulvey, Anson Seabra, Mall Grab, and so on…

The B Side: Skills & Experience

  • Be prepared
  • Manage complicated audio and video scheduling duties and activities with different departments from several partner labels when scheduling fresh releases.
  • Obtaining and providing accurate label copy information
  • Finding music masters and making sure the delivery is accurate
  • Buying art and making sure it is delivered on time
  • Assisting with copyright claims for pre-release audio and video
  • New label admin and installation across several Virgin Music and UMG teams and platforms
  • Ensure the company’s digital, video, and physical release schedules are correct
  • Sending communities and partners a weekly update of priorities and release modifications
  • Upkeep of the artist’s resources Box with relevant and current assets for international use
  • Help the international team in gathering label data from different internal and external sources
  • Safely providing music to label partners and the media
  • Handling communications for the label’s weekly email to showcase important releases and offer updates on the release schedule
  • Control over catalog, label, and Virgin Team database updates and mailing list updates
  • Handle meetings with partners and territories, informing attendees on agenda matters each week, and assisting the team with calendar maintenance by creating agendas for label and territory call
  • Helping the team out with other everyday duties and providing solutions to any problems or questions that may arise.

Be Collaborating

  • Helping the label team and artist in planning media for our customers
  • Helping the label staff and the artist to create, deliver, and arrange marketing materials
  • Assisting the team with the planning and execution of the artist’s promotional and travel plans, including travel booking
  • Participating in conferences, calls, and social gatherings to learn about every element of this dynamic and cooperative industry

You Should:

  • Well-disciplined and able to remain composed under pressure
  • Strong communication skills both in Writing and Speaking
  • Self-driven, diligent, and eager
  • Ability to prioritize one’s tasks and be adaptable
  • Great focus on intricate details, particularly those relating to the release delivery date
  • Diligent and relentless in achieving the desired outcomes
  • Great problem-solving skills and ability to overcome obstacles
  • Committed to music
  • Working in a fast-paced office setting

Bonus Tracks: Your Benefits

  • 25 days of paid vacation every year
  • Personal Health Insurance
  • No-interest loan for season tickets
  • Holiday shopping plan
  • Dental and travel insurance options
  • The ability to participate in the Group Personal Pension System (3%–9%)
  • Discounted membership to a gym
  • Employee Discounts (Reward Gateway)
  • Cycle to Work Program

This job description is provided by the employer as a reference for the key responsibilities and tasks for which the jobholder is responsible.

Nonetheless, the company works in a changing setting, thus the jobholder’s exact obligations and duties will differ and evolve.


Hence, the job description should not be seen as a permanent, absolute, or complete expression, but rather as indicative.

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Job Type

  • Internships


Would you like to work as an International Label and Artist Marketing Intern at Universal Music Group?

If yes, we have some good news for you.

You can now apply for this role at this music organization.

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