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Research Assistant
Research Assistant

The University of Oxford wants to employ a Research Assistant to join their organization.

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Job Description

We are looking to hire two Research Assistants to join the new Pandemic Preparedness Analytical Capacity and funding Tracking Program (Pandemic PACT) team, at the Pandemic Sciences Institute at the University of Oxford.

The Pandemic PACT program seeks to expand upon and enhance the work done during COVID.

The project’s main goal is to create a brand-new technology that will enable funding tracking and analysis capability, prepared to react to any potential epidemic or pandemic infection that surfaces.


To develop a system that can track research funding investments, deliver critical data to key funding decision-makers, and facilitate cooperation and coherence of potential research reactions to epidemics and pandemics that are by national, international, and regional priorities.

We are also seeking to create a framework using automated and manual systems that will increase the ability to quickly and comprehensively plot current evidence on epidemiology, diagnostics, and medical management of major diseases in the world and specific regions, to notify the prioritization of research.

The aim is to determine the most important research gaps so that swift clinical research prioritization and guidelines can be developed to fill the gaps.

You will play a vital role in an active research team and have duties devoted to helping the creation of the funding tracking tool or the design and execution of the system for “living” RRNAs, with options to assist work across the two operations.


In this position, you will perform research, help with gathering data, and help with the development of research products.

You will get experience communicating research results through peer-reviewed publications and policy presentations.

As a member of a larger team that includes external colleagues, you will be helping in the execution of this task.

You must possess a first-degree education in biomedicine, microbiology, pharmacology, epidemiology, infectious diseases, public health, or a similar field, as well as some practical experience.


You will have enough technical knowledge in the field to contribute to ongoing research projects.

It is necessary to have great communication skills, including the ability to create material that can be published, present information at seminars, and speak on behalf of the research team at meetings, as well as the ability to handle one’s own research and administrative operations.

You should have knowledge of global public health, infectious illnesses, and epidemic management, as well as knowledge of using and modifying research processes.

You must submit your application for this job online, and you must also add a supporting statement and your resume.


You have to use instances from your skills and experience to demonstrate how you fit each of the post’s eligibility requirements in your supporting statement.

These roles are provided full-time (part-time could be taken into account; minimum 80% FTE) and are supported by Wellcome on a fixed-term contract until July 31, 2024.

Only applications submitted before noon on Monday, March 27, 2023, will be taken into account.

The dates of the interviews are March 30 and 31, respectively.


Kindly refer to this number in all correspondence: 163950.

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  • £30,502 – £36,386 annually

Job Category

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Fixed-term contract

Conclusion – Research Assistant

Would you live to work as a Research Assistant at the University of Oxford?

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